4 Bold Branding Trends for 2018

4 Bold Branding Trends for 2018

A logo is not a brand in and of itself; it’s only part of the brand. Branding includes so much more than a logo. If done well, brands connect emotionally with customers to create lasting relationships. In the eyes of a customer, the brand represents trustworthiness, quality and becomes one of their loyal “friends”.

Branding demonstrates the personality of a business or organization through strong visuals and messaging and builds its reputation in the marketplace. Branding expert, Alina Wheeler states, “How a brand is perceived affects its success, regardless of whether it’s a start-up, a nonprofit or a product.” Branding is an investment and can produce a great return. Creating a power brand is part intelligence and part artistic craft; it’s always a process.

Branding, like everything else, is slowly changing. The top four branding trends we’re seeing are:

Strong, Vibrant Colors

Today’s colors are anything but timid. Many companies are returning to strong primary colors while others are using brighter colors. It could be something about the improved economy; colors have certainly have become brighter and warmer.

Simple, Powerful Design

Logo design, especially, has been simplified creating powerful imagery that can’t be overlooked. Design, like websites and marketing, can be disruptive through the use of compelling images, amplified style and a sensitivity to design elements that appeal to the target audience.

Fonts and Messaging

As always, fonts are selected to participate in developing distinct visuals that contribute to the company messaging. Font style is so much more than words on a page. It conveys emotions and the style of the business. Size, character spacing, color and artistic style elevate mere words to logos and brands that draws attention to its company brand.


Like the web, printed materials have become more experiential which enables customers to experience a business long before contacting them. Branding and marketing work together to deliver a “conversation” with customers and their combined contribution tell the company story and share its personality.

Branding touches all marketing collateral, advertising, signage, clothing, websites and so much more. Here is a sampling of branding campaigns that reveal branding touchpoints.

Bottomline Technologies

This business payment automation company developed an internal branding campaign focused on recruiting college students. They used branded communications tools designed to appeal to their target audience in a recruitment marketing effort. The campaign includes a booklet, web page, brochure, and handouts.Bottomline Technologies Branding

Brio! Ice Cream

Is an organic ice cream company in Vermont with a contemporary twist. They sell their frozen desserts in several locations through the U.S. Their branding strategy includes a colorful logo design, a fun website that clearly tells their story, and eye-catching packaging for their delicious frozen products.

Brio! Ice Cream

CCI Health & Wellness Services

Connecting with patients is a priority with this group healthcare provider. Their brand strategy with its vibrant colors and design shows the warmth and genuine concern these healthcare workers have for their patients. The branding campaign includes logo design, letterhead/business cards, brochures, clothing, CCI website, and banners.

CCI Health and Wellness Branding

GM Financial Leadership Summit

Let’s face it; business meetings can be boring. This summit focused entirely the attendees for the Elevate Summit to create a cohesive and well-planned event. Branding includes name tags, table tents, notepaper and pens, booklets and Powerpoint presentations.

GM Financial Leadership Summit

Huti’s 5 – Free-Fire Grill

What a delicious brand Huti’s has cooked up. With food straight from the farm, Huti’s shares it loves of food through its branding. Branding for Huti’s includes signage, coffee carafes, vegetable boxes, packaging, window clings, their restaurant interior and their Huti’s website.Huti's Farm Branding

Jeff Molenda Mediation

Most mediators don’t think twice about their branding. Jeff Molenda Mediation is personal branding at its best. His brand conveys a personal and professional approach to resolving conflicts. The messaging is superb and the visual are warm, intelligent and inviting. Branding includes a dynamic website, branding guidelines and logo design.

Jeff Molenda Mediator

Layton Construction Company

Yes, construction companies care about their brand identity too. Layton Construction Company, with offices in eight locations throughout the U.S., has developed a distinct brand. Their logo in red and blue includes an abstract “L” and is all their marketing touchpoints. Their branding includes theirwebsite, branding standards, brochures, booklets, resumes, proposals and business cards.

Layton Construction Company Branding

If you’re rebranding your business, hire a professional who can not only create a great design but guide you through the full branding process, including protecting your brand with trademarking.

Have questions about branding? We’re been around design and branding for many years. Give us a jingle. We’d love to talk with you about your brand challenges.

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